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I caught a photographic virus when, still as a teenager, I received as a present from my parents, a Nikon FM camera. My father, who was a keen photographer, must have spread the virus … 

Up until the end of the nineties I was at times shooting a lot, at the time with a simple Nikon F50. The acquisition of an old Rolleiflex came as a revelation that there was much more to discover in Photography, and I realized that I had not even started to explore routes inside my own creativity.

Ironically, it was when I had only started to develop my own pictures that the digital revolution broke out, thereby opening so many more avenues. I felt like a kid with my newly acquired Nikon D100 back in 2002, and (oddly enough) did not feel so much constrained by the 6mp and very slow buffer. Then came a D200, a D300s, a D800 which marked my return to the FX (24-36) format, and ultimately a Z7 which represents my surrender to the hybrid format.

In 2012 and again in 2016 (two leap years) I challenged myself into “one per day” types of venture, each time with a strong constraint. What was initially meant to demonstrate that a good picture is about an interesting or original idea much more than it is about equipment ended up being an exploration of the conditions needed to be met to capture a good image. In other words it was about creativity, or lack thereof depending on the mood and on a bit of luck.

Having learnt photography on my own, I was never taught about what is required to make a good picture. This turns out to be an opportunity, as I do not feel constrained by theory. I actually tend to be very interested by the work of those who break the generally accepted aesthetic rules to venture into new territories. Since I like to try new things of my own I happen to continue learning, by trial and error, and enjoy it an awful lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not meet expectations…

This site is the reflection of a journey which was punctuated by a few projects, by many travels and by an exhibition (in 2015). It will allow me to display a few pictures from my pretty large collection, gathered from my travels, from wanderings around my home vicinity, and from my projects and experiments. As you will see the collection is somewhat diverse, as it reflects my curiosity and variety of tastes.